Get Your Smile Back on Track With Emergency Care

Over many years of practice experience, our dentists and staff have helped patients through every sort of dental crisis imaginable. No matter what kind of problem you’re having, we can help you as well. Our team will help you relax and take your mind off your emergency. If needed, we can administer dental sedation to eliminate your anxiety so you can lie back comfortably while we work on your smile.

There are several treatments we commonly use for dental crises, including:

  • Tooth Fillings – Our tooth-colored fillings will repair damage from cavities and eliminate your discomfort.
  • Same-Day Dental Crowns – To repair a broken or damaged tooth, we can make you a custom crown while you wait.
  • Root Canal Treatment – This treatment will stop your pain and save a diseased tooth from extraction.
  • Tooth Extraction – If we’re not able to save your tooth, we’ll remove it to preserve your oral health and get you out of pain.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – These teeth may need removal to eliminate your discomfort and protect your other teeth from damage.

Let us help you with any Glendale dental emergencies. Call Desert Palm Dentistry now at (623) 288 3819 for a same-day appointment. You can also make an appointment online if it’s more convenient. If you don’t have an emergency right now, be sure to schedule your next checkup to help your smile stay healthy.