Exceptional Dental Care for Area Families

Countless individuals and families see us for their smile care. They know we deliver a high level of care for each patient. With an easy-to-find location, convenient office hours, and a full lineup of dental services, it’s easy to get the treatment your smile needs to look its best.

Discover The Care You Deserve!
  • Relieve your anxiety with a choice of sedation options
  • Relax with amenities like blankets, pillows, TVs, and headphones
  • Receive precise care with our modern dental technology
No insurance? We can help!

Not having insurance doesn’t need to keep you from excellent dental care. For a low monthly fee, you’ll have access to the preventive care your family needs! You’ll also be able to save on the cosmetic and restorative care you want.

Nurture Your Smile With Quality Dental Care in Glendale

Our team works hard to build relationships with each patient. We put in the effort to help you feel relaxed and at home at every visit. You’ll enjoy a menu of comfort items including pillows, blankets, TVs, and headphones. Plus, you’ll find several kinds of relaxing sedation – including IV sedation administered by an anesthesiologist, an option not offered at many practices. Your entire family will benefit from our wide range of dental treatments. Your treatment plan is customized, so your smile gets exactly what it needs!

Call Desert Palm Dentistry today at (623) 288 3819 for an appointment. You can also make an appointment online. Visit your new dentist in Glendale soon!

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Common Questions About Our Services
How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?

Because there is such a wide variety of cosmetic treatments and because each patient is different, we need to first perform an exam and work up a treatment plan before giving you a price on your smile enhancement. We can gather the information we need to give you treatment and price options during a consultation.

What are the benefits of restorative dentistry?

Maintaining good oral health isn’t just about keeping your teeth and gums clean. You will also need dental treatment for problems such as tooth decay, cavities, and oral infections. Restorative dentistry treats those types of problems, so your smile stays healthy and you can eat without discomfort.

Do dental implants hurt?

Our patients usually experience only mild discomfort after getting their new implants. We use local anesthesia to ensure your mouth is numb and you don’t feel any pain. Plus, we offer sedation options to help you relax and eliminate any dental anxiety you may experience. Unlike many practices, you can even choose IV sedation administered by an anesthesiologist.