Relieve Dental Pain & Restore Teeth in One Visit!

With sports and social events, spring is already a pretty busy season. Add multiple appointments to the calendar when dental pain and other unexpected things go wrong with your smile, and your calendar can be easily overwhelmed.

That’s why your friends at Desert Palm Dentistry make caring for your dental emergencies in Maricopa County, AZ a priority. 

Take Lesley, for instance, the patient in today’s video. In her testimonial, you’ll hear about how painful her toothache was and just how quickly and easily we were able to provide relief, even outside of our normal business hours.

Not only that, but Lesley also talks about her same-day dental crown that cut her emergency care and restorative treatment down to a single appointment!

Don’t let dental pain and other problems slow you down this spring. Call Desert Palm Dentistry at one of our two locations for same-day appointments: (623) 288 3819 (Glendale) or (602) 693 1337 (Phoenix). You can also make an appointment online.