Give Your Family Something to Smile About

We’ve been taking care of the area’s families for decades. In fact, the office we occupy has been around since the 1970s. We love putting in the effort to help our patient families smile with more confidence and maintain healthier mouths. It’s gratifying to see our patients leave us with smiles on their faces, whether it’s a small child or a senior.

Desert Palm Dentistry treats patients as young as 3. When your child comes in for their first visit, we’ll be extra gentle with them. We want to set them up for a lifetime of happy experiences at the dentist. They will most likely get a “happy visit” where we introduce them to our team and show them some of the neat equipment we use to work on their smiles. We may take a quick look inside their mouths to make sure there aren’t any obvious problems, but their first appointment will be simple.

As your child gets older, their appointments will look more like your own, with a complete dental cleaning using ultrasonic equipment and a thorough exam to check for problems. If your child requires any other type of treatment, such as a tooth filling, we’ll let you know.

We offer care for your entire family, no matter how old:

  • For teens and adults, we provide Invisalign treatment to straighten crooked teeth.
  • You’ll have access to several other types of cosmetic dentistry if you want to put a little zest into your smile.
  • We offer emergency dentistry, with same-day appointments when possible.
  • You can receive oral surgery, including tooth removal.
  • You can replace any number of teeth with dental implants.

Visit your new family dentist in Phoenix by calling us today at (602) 693 1337. You can also make an appointment online. Desert Palm Dentistry is ready to help you with any kind of smile care need you have.

Enjoy a Relaxing Visit With Our Sedation Options

Many people get anxious just thinking about visiting the dentist. If that includes you or family members, we’ll warmly welcome you to our practice and offer you one of our three soothing sedation options. There are many types of patients, so we’ll work individually with you to help you decide which type of sedation is right for you. Your options are below:

  • Inhaled Sedation – This type of sedation uses laughing gas to calm any anxious nerves. You’ll breathe in the gas through a comfortable mask placed over your nose. In moments, you’ll feel relaxed from head to toe and your anxiety will melt away. The best part is you’ll feel like yourself again almost immediately after the gas is removed.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – We’ll prescribe an FDA-approved pill to take before your appointment. It will give you a complete feeling of calm and relaxation, so you can lie back comfortably during your treatment. The effects will last for several hours, so you’ll need someone to drive you home afterward.
  • IV Sedation – This is our deepest level of sedation and will be administered by an anesthesiologist. It will put you in a sleeplike state. You won’t be aware of any of the sights, sounds, smells, or sensations of your procedure.